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It's Sunday evening. Although I am still not running on full power, I am so sick and tired of being sick that I have decided to ignore it come Monday morning. The place is a mess, work is waiting, and I think two and a half weeks of sick leave is enough.

Many worries piling up again. I'll be out of a job come January; Cardiff didn't want me (no surprises there); bills flowing in; etc.
On the other hand, think about it. If I write five pages a day for the next forty days, I'll have the damn thing finished. The question is, can I write five pages a day, each day, for the next forty days? We'll see.
Had a talk with my Prof last week, which was good. I started insisting on some help and attention, and will get it. She'll get one mail per week from me starting Tuesday.

Edit: Oh, and if anyone here could recommend a funny book? I'm looking for a book that makes me laugh while reading it; intelligently funny, punny, and lighthearted. I could use a laugh.
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Some people are saying that all I use this journal for is for fussing and moaning. Not so! It's only easier to fuss and moan and complain, people always like to do that, share the fuss, so to speak.
I could now fuss about young Paris Hilton clones on the bus home, who like to show off their appendix scars to the whole wide world - I do believe the term "chav" might be applicable here. I could fuss about the fact that a book I had intended to study is missing twelve pages; they were cut out of the book. How someone can mutilate a book such is beyond me; how someone can be spiteful enough to take a chapter away from the rest of the students dito.

However, I shall fuss about none of these things; rather, I will tell you that I did get to sleep last night after all, even if it took me some time; that I then had a very strange dream involving green goo taking over people and the crew of the Firefly (or is it Serenity?); that it is a wonderfully perfect weather outside, even though I just heard thunder and it's starting to rain; that I am getting things done again after a weekend's rest which did me a world of good; that I managed to return books without having to pay a fee; and that I met with my PhD Prof and talked to her for about an hour, with promises that will be kept in two weeks, fingers crossed.

If this day is an indication of the oncoming week, then bring it on!
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I just tried to prebook a book out of our local University library.

The system wouldn't let me.


I already have it lying here.

*shakes head and goes back to work*

Edit: Make that two books.

Edit2: Make that three.
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I finally found a program for to make literature lists (sees people cringe at the grammar *Eg*). It's bloody brilliant. Searchable entries, key words, quote organization, and, and, and. I don't know half of what this program can do.
Combine that with 24/7 internet access and the ability of said program to search libraries in Germany, and all I have to do is enter the ISBN number and click "download" to get all the details up to and including a cover scan where available.
Now, I'll have to copy the ISBN numbers of the books I've already catalogued, and we're in business.
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First of all, thanks for your replies, and your help. You guys rawk.
Since I would probably say the same thing to more than one of you, I'm going to make a new post of this.

Now then. I think I should have clarified my initial question; apologies.
The only geographical area I had in mind was "mindspace", the place a country's myths, or heritage, come from. I know that there are a lot of European myths coming from the Middle Ages (I also know I am generalizing, but that's for argument's sake), and from what I have seen I'm rather convinced that there are a lot of US myths coming from everything attached to the Wild West era / area. As [livejournal.com profile] nugirlontheblok just said, it is the concept, not the actual physical thing.

Yes, I meant both Outback and Wild West referring to non-Aboriginal Australia and non-Native American USA.

So, from what I gather by your replies, there is few or no romanticizing Australia-the-land-and-landscape in, say, literature or art, like there is with the US and the Wild West, or Europe and the Middle Ages, or, come to think of it, Canada and the land?
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The Outback is to Australia what the Wild West is to the US, and what the Middle Ages are to Europe.
True or false?
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Feed your brain, let it digest, and don't be surprised when it suddenly spews forth intelligent prose.

The Introduction to my PhD is pretty much done, and chapter one is fast a-following, with note-taking on the side for the later chapters.

Sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel is not the oncoming train.


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