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This is December. There are roses still blooming, there are already willow catkins, and the hedgehogs and squirrels are roaming the garden.
I'm dreaming of apple blossoms for Christmas.

It's quite frustrating when you write and write, feeling pretty good about what you write, and then look at it a few days later, only to tear everything up and start anew. Of course I learn with each sentence I write, but more and more I get the feeling there is something basic I'm missing - I waffle, and don't really know where I'm going. Seems it's back to the concept board.

The other thing I need is more discipline (get ye out of the gutter, reader thoughts - you know who you are!); I've been relaxing too much this month. Maybe I should make myself a timetable, and then make myself stick to it. Discipline still doesn't come easy to me.

I did it!

Jul. 2nd, 2006 10:07 pm
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The "it", in this case, is the story for [livejournal.com profile] deathless_pose. I feel jubilant.
Is that a word?
It is now!

Please note the shameless pimping of the above community in this post. Thank you. *g*
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The thunderstorm's been and gone. While it approached, I stood in my bedroom window, watching the lightning arc over the sky and smiling at the wet ozone smell the wind carried into my room. But once it was overhead, I had to close all windows, it was raining that hard. I was sure glad to be inside. Thanks for sending the weather over, [livejournal.com profile] britishamerican! ;)

I've been listening to Cow Lake Bomb (at the bottom of that page) a lot today, dissolving in giggles every time. British comedy is the best, and I'm eternally grateful for that link.

Something else I'm grateful for is a new writing community here on LJ, which might interest one or two people on my friends list. It's called [livejournal.com profile] deathless_pose, we write a short story a week to a set theme, and I love it. My creative neurons are buzzing away like bees, or scintillating dragonflies. Yes, probably more like dragonflies. The bees buzz for the PhD.

Anyway, I'll be buzzing off to catch the last minutes of the Portugal-Netherlands game, and add that while I find myself enjoying watching football, I enjoyed the swimming competition this afternoon more.
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Maybe I should make myself a biorhythm-type thing, because I notice definite phases between reading mode and writing mode. At the moment, I am in reading mode, devouring all kinds of books and written works like there's no tomorrow. But early this morning, still lying in bed (for a given value of "early"; it's Sunday, after all), my mind began constructing sentences again, so I guess writing mode is just around the corner.
I also think that when I start writing again, I will start with longhand, just so I don't forget how to write. In these days of computer keyboards, who is still sitting down and actually writing something with pen and paper? But someone who bakes her own bread, makes her own bath bombs, and knits stuff should still be able to write by hand.
Mass-production, globalization, a Maccy D's at every corner of the world? It's no wonder we cherish the home-made, self-made, hand-made, individual things in life. Even if bread could be gotten cheaper at the shops, and even if one sleeve is slightly longer than the other.
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Spring has definitely sprung over here. The early birds are making quite a lot of noise, which should drive the early worms out of the earth. Spring flowers are blooming, even though it could be a little warmer. At night, the cats are serenading each other in the garden - well, they are screaming, anyway.

I'm slowly starting to get back into my daily routine: work a few hours early in the morning, lunch break, work a few hours in the afternoon, do fun stuff in the evenings. For a lazy sod like me, having an established routine and forcing myself to adhere to it is more or less the only way to get anything done.

distracted by fan fiction )

I sort of miss having someone around the place.

Yes, I'm still thinking of how to answer that question.


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