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Reading about the history of transport in Australia while listening to Respighi's works puts one in a peculiar headspace. Not a bad one, mind, just very very strange. And now I know more about the development of Australia's railways than I ever wanted to. But I have the feeling it will be useful knowledge one day. Fingers crossed.
Besides, Respighi is wonderful music. Ah, Fontane di Roma...

And then I went and relaxed by making my first animated lj icon, of a particularly squeeful scene in the last Torchwood episode which stuck in my mind, and which you can see behind the spoiler cut. The icon, not the scene or my mind.
this one )

Oh, and one more thing... Mental Suicide Bombings? *rab* :-D


Nov. 6th, 2006 01:36 pm
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OK, I give up.


... but I am still annoyed at them stealing my plot bunnies. :-D
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Right, so it's two in the morning, I can't sleep, there's no-one around to talk to, and there's really nothing else I can come up with here at the moment than some Torchwood thoughts.
cut for those who're not interested or don't want spoilers )

Do I like Torchwood? Oh yeah. Am I looking forward to seeing the next episodes? Absolutely. Will I swallow everything the writers dish up without commenting on its taste? Hell no.


Oct. 8th, 2006 10:30 am
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That first Torchwood trailer is rather exciting, I'd say. Although two little scenes have made me scream "Aw hell no!" a lot. Why do people keep stealing my ideas? :-D

Edit: Yes, I know, judging storylines on the strength two little scenes is probably unrealistic. Still! :-D


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