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So, we lost.

I'm actually a bit sad. But we're playing for third place, which no-one would have thought a few weeks ago. I mean, the defense in our first game was rubbish. I think. And I'm no expert. Far from it. Maybe I should shut up now.

We lost. But Italy won. Hooray for Italy!


Jun. 30th, 2006 11:08 pm
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Do you know what I hate about football parties on Friday evening?
It messes up the sleep of those who have to get up early on Saturday.
Three - count them! - three garden parties around me, thundering bass and woefully bad singing included, and no way to sleep with the window closed.

Hooray for headphones.
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I could not access half the sites I usually have no problem with. I try everything I can think of - clear the cache, the cookies, the history, ping the server - no problem - use a different browser (IE - yuck!), nothing works. Maybe it's the connection, so I try my mum's computer - no problem at all. So it must be my computer.
It's turned the bloody Windows firewall back on. I turn it off - don't worry, I have a firewall of my own - and suddenly, everything works again. Miracle upon miracle!
I do hate it when my computer does things I don't tell it to. Sometimes I wish I was a luddite. Only then I wouldn't have this.

Oh, yes, and we're one game on. With flags a-waving and car horns a-hooting and people a-celebrating until the break of dawn. Hooray! Schland! Schland! ;)
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The thunderstorm's been and gone. While it approached, I stood in my bedroom window, watching the lightning arc over the sky and smiling at the wet ozone smell the wind carried into my room. But once it was overhead, I had to close all windows, it was raining that hard. I was sure glad to be inside. Thanks for sending the weather over, [livejournal.com profile] britishamerican! ;)

I've been listening to Cow Lake Bomb (at the bottom of that page) a lot today, dissolving in giggles every time. British comedy is the best, and I'm eternally grateful for that link.

Something else I'm grateful for is a new writing community here on LJ, which might interest one or two people on my friends list. It's called [livejournal.com profile] deathless_pose, we write a short story a week to a set theme, and I love it. My creative neurons are buzzing away like bees, or scintillating dragonflies. Yes, probably more like dragonflies. The bees buzz for the PhD.

Anyway, I'll be buzzing off to catch the last minutes of the Portugal-Netherlands game, and add that while I find myself enjoying watching football, I enjoyed the swimming competition this afternoon more.
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It feels as if there's a thunderstorm threatening, and has been for the entire day. I just wish it'd start already, waiting for a thunderstorm makes me feel edgy. Must be all the surplus energy in the atmosphere. Fzzzz!

1:0, go Three Lions! ... although, to be honest, without that shot from Beckham...

DVD player still not working; exchanged the CD player of the computer for the one that used to be in my old one; now I at least have a working CD burner again. DVD will be brought in to the store tomorrow. It's still under warranty, and I want a new one.

Just saw a flash, and there's thunder rumbling. I'd better turn off the computer, just in case. And then I'll go into the garden as soon as it starts to rain.
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I seem to have the knack of catching exactly those minutes of a football game where goals are scored.

Ah yes. And now the car horns start. Honk honk through the night. Good thing tomorrow's a working day.
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This is a relatively useless post made mainly because I want to show off my new userpic which was taken at the gig on Thursday. The gig was fine; we play well together and have a good routine. Tomorrow, we'll be playing at our guitarists's birthday, which means I'll have to get up rather early for Sunday (seven thirty at the latest).
You know, I could become quite the gardener, after all. Today, I mowed the lawn and the lawn lost. I also planted about twelve yellow, orange and red snapdragons and a lot of little lobelias, after hacking through weeds and dry stuff. I sure hope that there's nothing more to planting things than digging a hole, putting them into it roots first, cover them with earth and water them - because if there is more, I don't know it.
The rest of the time was spent in front of the TV, and sorry Swedish people on my list, but I am rather happy for Trinidad and Tobago.
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As if I care. The one medal that I cared about was the men's hockey one, and there we won only bronze. It's nice to have two countries to root for.

So, the XX. Olympic Winter Games are over. Now I can start listening to music again, since I don't want to have the TV on all the time.
This time round, I've watched more of the Olympic Games than ever before, which means, more than just the opening and closing ceremonies and whatever was in the news. How interests change; I was actually fascinated by the events I saw. Yes, even curling! The happyness and triumph on the Swedish women's faces was great to see. The American snowboarder and her last trick... Zhang skating on after her terrible fall... and those who dare compete on Skeleton!
This doesn't mean that I can remember all the people's names, of course, I am bad with names anyway.

The closing ceremony was in my opinion much better than the opening ceremony. It was very fitting to have the last medal presentation there, and even more fitting that gold went to an Italian.
There was better music (though I have yet to decide whether having a children's choir sing "Va, pensiero" is shiver-inducing or kitsch), incredible acrobatics, both on the trampoline and with the flying people, and what absolutely rocked were the tarot costumes, both the cards and the major arcana masks. Very Lewis Carrol.
Once during the ceremony, I went to the toilet. Guess what I missed! Yes, the guy who disturbed the proceedings. And of course, when they mentioned that later, I had no clue what they meant. My timing sucketh.

The only thing I wish the TV stations would finally do is use the two audio channels they have, have original sound and commentary on one channel, and original sound only on the other. Many times I've been watching some event and shouting "Shut up!" at the TV presenter.
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I feel good (deedledeedledeedledeet)
I knew that I would (deedledeedledeedledeet)
I feel good (deedledeedledeedledeet)
I knew that I would now (deedledeedledeedledeet)
So good (bap bap) so good (bap)
'cause I got...

.. what? Good question. Tangibles, please! *ponders*

I got my job application back with a "Thanks but no thanks". I'm going to pretend I was rejected on account of being over-qualified. Shame, I could've used the money. No matter, I'll have a look at temp jobs tomorrow.

I have a five-string banjo here that's looking for a new owner. Just one more thing I want to get rid of. Simplify, simplify, less stuff, more space.

The puzzle mind map on my study wall is slowly filling up with notes and ideas. I still have the feeling that I'm taking two steps forward, one step back, but slow as it is, it is a movement towards my goal.

I just saw something on tv (arte, again) about what makes people creative, geniuses or savants. If what they say is true, I could do with more dopamine in my life. Dopamine is apparently also produced / released by activity. I'm going swimming tomorrow.

Since my "Ahì me"-post last week, I've finished three books, and browsed / speed read three more. I'm also kicking my body into gear, since a tired body makes for a good night's sleep.

It's getting cold and snowy again. Why, oh why?

I am convinced that poultry will be cheap in the oncoming weeks (before it gets really expensive); I'm glad I have a freezer now, I'll stock up a little.

It's confirmed: My band's got a gig on April 27th, this time in our home town. All the better to really suck in front of people who know us.

And finally, I am surprised what kind of music people choose for figure skating. I'm also surprised at some versions of classical pieces I heard recently, also at figure skating. And I wonder how many people go into record shops these days, trying to find out and thereby trying the patience of the salespeople with queries for "the music that played when such-and-such skated, you know?"
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What a perfect sunday!
Sleep in a little, watch the Olympics, take a walk in the sunshine, watch the Olympics, have some semi-Chinese rice dish, watch the Olympics, read a book while watching the Olympics, knit watching the news, have a small glass of Kosakenkaffee (coffee liqueur similar to Kahlua), feel spontaneous, end day with impromptu spa evening. My skin is now smelling faintly of a Sicilian Lush bath ballistic, my face feels soft and fresh, my mind is relaxed and ready for the new week, and my hair is red.
Wahey! :-D

PS: While browsing through the Lush website, I found out that the main ingredient to their bath ballistics is sodium bicarbonate - baking soda. The Sicilian also contains various citric oils and marigold. Guess who will be experimenting with things to make her own semi-ballistics? ;)
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I think the best way to combat insomnia (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] seiraryu) is to get up early, and exhaust yourself swimming.

The loudness in a swimming pool is equivalent to the amount of schoolchildren present. It is fun though to watch them take pleasure in being noisy, as long as you can submerge yourself to shut them out.

It is time for change when even your dreams start repeating themselves, and you say to yourself in your dream, hang on, I've been here before.

No matter which kind of hair dye I use, the result always turns out a very slightly greenish strawberry red. I am dissatisfied with my hair.

I found the rainbow's end today, but the ATM machine was broken.

There is a record player standing on my desk next to me, and for the first time in years, maybe even decades, I can watch the record revolving. A soothing sight, unless one starts to think about the fact that while the whole record revolves at 33 1/3 RpM, the centre is actually going faster than the outside.

There is a job I am going to apply to. Cross fingers.


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