Nov. 16th, 2006 12:00 pm
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I just managed to erase the contents of my MP3 player's flash card while trying to change a battery. I have no idea how I did it, but although the MP3 player is now working, there's nothing for it to work with, and since I am at Uni, there's no way for me to fill it up again with sound. No music for the way home.

I bought myself boots the other day which my mum first said I would never wear, and then asked if she could borrow one day. They are what mum termed granny boots - black faux-suede thigh-high lace-up stilleto heel Victorian-looking boots. I can walk with them surprisingly well, and they look terriffic. And I did wear them already. If I had the finances, I could turn into a veritable Imelda Marcos; I love buying shoes. Shoe power!

This evening will be spent with a Pretender.
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Good thing about inter-library loans: You get books you would usually have to buy.
Bad thing about inter-library loans: You can only keep the books for three weeks, with no extensions.
Good thing about photocopiers: They exist.


My parents are getting new furniture for their living room. They will also paint the walls and get a new carpet because, as mum says, they probably won't do it again and so might as well do it the right way.
The upshot of this is that I now have, in my living room, a new table which used to stand downstairs. A real honest-to-goodness living room table instead of the ex-garden thing that stood there until yesterday. It looks great.


I was out clothes shopping with mum today. She actually bought me a skirt - a light, sandy brown chequered overknee thing with a certain air of British Schoolgirl-ness. Then I went and bought a fitting lipstick. All I need now are some cool boots.
Good grief. Am I turning into a Chav?
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So, today after work, I headed into town looking to buy a white spaghetti-halter top. (I hope this and the following clothes-related terms are correctly translated; if not, have a laugh, and then ask me what I mean. Believe me, I used a dictionary, and wikipedia.).
Shopping escapades under cut for length and interestedness. )

So, even though I did not get a white top, my credit card was used, and I am happy. I tell you, retail therapy works.
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Well, I say afternoon, but I really slept in today, after a busy week. I'm rather glad that it's raining today, or I would be tempted to go outside, but I have the feeling that I could do with a lazy day off.
Plans for today include updating two websites and messing around with Photoshop (especially since the "bakery of naughty cakes" comment I read earlier, and some badgers need costumes, too). Also, some restructuring of the wardrobe contents is in order, as it appears to finally want to be warm here.
I bought a new pair of trousers yesterday which is three clothing sizes smaller than the last pair I bought. Success!
And then, tea and a good book.

Next week should be interesting: the band has two gigs to play, the one on Thursday that we've know about for months, and a very spontaneous May Dance gig that we got because the other band couldn't make it. Even though we've had a fun rehearsal last night, I feel the old nervousness again, especially after last night's dream when we were on stage and nothing, nothing at all, was working, the sound was abysmal, and nothing could save us. But that was only a dream, after all.

And finally, thank you everyone for your support re: the promise I made. :)


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