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Yo, y'all,

I'm still around. It's been a rather busy week, and reading and writing intensively for most of the day sort of makes you not want to write a diary in the evening. Especially when stories want to be written as well.

Since my last entry, there was music (Beethoven, "Missa Solemnis", live, in a church); dinner with friends (I cooked, and my friends ate with apparent relish - and no leftovers) ; a surprisingly fun evening out with my still-colleagues (leaving that job at the end of the year); catfights (our cat has a torn ear and an infection under his right front paw - we'll see the vet next week); the back-pedalling of our guitarist (although frankly, this is the absolute last chance he'll get); and our christmas cookies are all but gone.

That should just about wrap up this week.

[livejournal.com profile] idahoswede, thank you for the lovely Christmas card. I hope the same - and we will! I still owe you a drink.

[livejournal.com profile] neddy_l, thank you for the Christmas card. Fantastic - I needed that laugh! And thanks also for the package. Rest assured that something will find its way to your place (relatively) soon.

Speaking of Christmas cards - I may be getting around to writing some this weekend, but please, don't count on it. This doesn't mean that I don't think of you.

You might get Happy February Cards, though. ;)
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It's so stormy outside, the birds are flying backwards. Not intentionally, obviously, but they get blown past my window, pigeons and magpies and blackbirds, trying to fly one way and ending up going the other way.

Took me a year or thereabouts, but yesterday evening I finished watching the whole run of DS9. I had forgotten how much I like this series, which is probably my favourite Trek show (bar TOS, of course). I had also forgotten how sad the last episode is, all those endings, it's almost as bad as the end of LotR.

Mum just called me from the phone box outside my grandma's home, and I'm glad she did.
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Today was clothes audit day; that's another two bags of clothes gone, winter jumpers taken down from the wardrobe, summer jumpers and most of the t-shirts put up there. Organized the sock drawer. I have no idea why the sock drawer is always the least organized drawer, but I usually put the socks in order when I can't close it any more, and there's always a couple of half-pairs left over.

There are various reasons why I did it, but yesterday, I read up on Onychectomy, which is the amputation of the end digits of clawed animals, also known as "declawing". I am very, very glad it's outlawed in Germany. I have no idea why someone who claims to love their cat would do this to them. Even thinking about it turns my stomach.

I hope I'm going to have a lightning flash of inspiration for a short story by the end of tomorrow. Maybe I will take a bath, that usually calls down the muses. Until then, I will attack a non-fiction book or two, regardless of the pencil notes.


Nov. 16th, 2006 12:00 pm
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I just managed to erase the contents of my MP3 player's flash card while trying to change a battery. I have no idea how I did it, but although the MP3 player is now working, there's nothing for it to work with, and since I am at Uni, there's no way for me to fill it up again with sound. No music for the way home.

I bought myself boots the other day which my mum first said I would never wear, and then asked if she could borrow one day. They are what mum termed granny boots - black faux-suede thigh-high lace-up stilleto heel Victorian-looking boots. I can walk with them surprisingly well, and they look terriffic. And I did wear them already. If I had the finances, I could turn into a veritable Imelda Marcos; I love buying shoes. Shoe power!

This evening will be spent with a Pretender.
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Mum's got a hangover.
She tries to pretend that the food she ate at the birthday party she was at yesterday didn't agree with her, but I know better. I've seen her come in last night. I'm chuckling with glee that she's able to relax enough and have fun with her friends, and I feel sorry because a hangover is never fun.

I feel an immense rush of creativity, having written three short stories in as many days (one of which I actually quite like, even), and thinking very hard about a fourth one.

There are three telephone numbers written on scraps of paper on my desk, with no names attached. I have no idea who they belong to. I'm considering simply calling them and seeing who answers.

It's raining, it's chilly, and it's November! Finally the weather acts it's season.
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Do you know what's exceedingly good for a sore, slightly swollen throat?
Gargling with ice-cold Slivovitz.

Started and finished a 300 page book today ("Tyranny of Distance", about Australian history and how it was influenced by geography - fascinating read); going to have to extract the quotes tomorrow, it needs to go back to the interlibrary loan desk on Friday.

Last night, I dreamt that I wanted to divorce the 9th Doctor so I could marry the 8th Doctor, but after we found desiccated Dalek mutants in a rocket in the front garden (they were of course revived by some Mad Scientist) and the 9th Doctor was almost killed in an accident involving Daleks and a model train set, I changed my mind, and he and I went off to live in a haunted house in London.
My mind is just weird.
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Winter is icummen in,
Lhude sing Goddamm,
Raineth drop and staineth slop,
and how the wind doth ramm,
       Sing: Goddamm.
Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us,
An ague hath my ham.
Freezeth river, turneth liver,
       Damn you, sing: Goddamm.
Goddamm, Goddamm, 'tis why I am, Goddamm,
       So 'gainst the winter's balm.
Sing goddamm, damm, sing Goddamm,

Sing goddamm, sing goddamm, DAMM.

                    -Ezra Pound
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So I'm sat in the "new office" of ours, the ex-copy room, and let me tell you, it stinks of toner and copier and yuck. I wish I could open the window, but there are roadworks outside and with the window open, the stench of tar permeates the room, which is even worse.

There's a lot of running around to be done in the afternoon, the most important of which is going to be convincing the bank not to cancel my overdraft credit. Bloody bastards.

The classes I hold at the adult education centre will probably not take place, there are too few registrations. Which means that I won't continue to work there.

Band rehearsal is switched from Tuesday to Friday, which means that I'll be able to pander to my House / Monk addiction on Tuesdays.

Yesterday, while reading and mentally dissecting a lecture on Australian literature, my mind started regurgitating a lot of thoughts and ideas, which I promptly wrote down. Good stuff there, too. Now, if only I found the knack again to put these thoughts into a coherent whole.

No word yet from Cardiff. Will continue looking.
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The problem which, when we turn our mind to it, paralyses us.

Scylla and Charybdis:
Having to navigate between two people / demands so that neither claims our whole attention or destroys us.

Those things that lure us away from that which we should be doing. They come in all manners of guises - most often in the little voice that says, "Why not?"

Every question, once answered, begets two more questions.
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I could tell you that that roleplaying game I researched for went great - epic, even. Or at least very cinematic. And fun.
I could tell you that I've felt sick and tired for the past two days, up to and including not being at the computer for more than ten minutes in a row, and unplugging my telephone so I can rest in peace.
I could also tell you that I do have to go into town tomorrow to copy three books I have to return to the library, and that I have band rehearsal tomorrow, neither of which I look forward to (though I am sure rehearsal will be fun, and not very stressful since we have to set up in the room again).
I might even tell you that there's Peacekeeper Wars on my TV right now.

However, I shall do none of these, for I have been tagged by [livejournal.com profile] manchester_red with the "weird habits" meme. Not that I have any weird habits you don't already know about... ;-)

People who get tagged need to post in their journal 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I love baking; however, I can't stand the feel of flour on my hands; when I bake or cook, I wash my hands immediately after touching foodstuffs - not obsessive-complusively, more a hygiene thing. (Runs in the family though. My maternal grandparents owned a bakery, and my grandma can't stand flour on her hands either.)

2. I can concentrate best on mental work when there is a candle burning on my desk or in my view.

3. Sometimes, I eat spoonfuls of hot mustard straight out of the glass.

4. I currently like watching shows like CSI & spinoffs, Crossing Jordan, House and the like. And for me, that is weird.

5. I still have a host of imaginary people running around inside my head, the same way I did when I was a child of seven. And I still talk to them.

6. While driving, I swear creatively and in various languages at the drivers of other cars, cyclists, and pedestrians.

I tag...

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Good thing about inter-library loans: You get books you would usually have to buy.
Bad thing about inter-library loans: You can only keep the books for three weeks, with no extensions.
Good thing about photocopiers: They exist.


My parents are getting new furniture for their living room. They will also paint the walls and get a new carpet because, as mum says, they probably won't do it again and so might as well do it the right way.
The upshot of this is that I now have, in my living room, a new table which used to stand downstairs. A real honest-to-goodness living room table instead of the ex-garden thing that stood there until yesterday. It looks great.


I was out clothes shopping with mum today. She actually bought me a skirt - a light, sandy brown chequered overknee thing with a certain air of British Schoolgirl-ness. Then I went and bought a fitting lipstick. All I need now are some cool boots.
Good grief. Am I turning into a Chav?
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Last night was the much-awaited premiere of Puccini's Turandot at the local opera house.
The music was fantastic; the orchestra, the choir, the soloists were all very, very good. Nessun Dorma got a thunderous applause, and there were standing ovations and lots of curtain calls, and rightfully so I think.
The staging, however, is nothing to write home about. For an opera which is so much about love and blood, it was rather colourless. At least it didn't distract from the music. And the music was grand.

Also yesterday was the annual local language library book sale. Since I had this deal with the librarian (I donated many books to the library, and in turn I would get a hefty discount here), I managed to grab 50 books for 50 cent each. All of the Darkover books are now mine, as well as all science fiction books they had, Nimoy's "I am Spock", a book on Tolkien, Laurence Olivier's biography, a dictionary of myths and symbols, and a couple of large-size illustrated books on painters, on gargoyles, and the universe. And more. Cookbooks, too. And I wish I would have gotten even more, but I restricted myself.

The latter half of last week was so busy that I neglected a couple of things, which I will try and catch up on today and tomorrow. Although I don't know how much I can get done today, given that in four hours I'll be picked up for band rehearsal.
I wonder if we will get to play the new instrumentals we rehearsed at an extra meeting last friday. It was such fun to simply get together and play!
If and when I leave for coasts yet unknown, there will be many things here that I will miss. Friday, I realized that one of the things that will hurt most leaving will be the band.
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Man, I feel accomplished!
Finished one book today which was a long time a-reading, one step closer to the goal (check - yep, pearl's still there). Then, I sat down and wrote two, yes, two short stories in one afternoon, that's almost 3000 words worth of storytelling.
I also did the dishes, helped with the ironing, read a few chapters of The Eyre Affaire (ok, [livejournal.com profile] athenais, you win - I love the book), and watched two episodes of "Look Around You", a very strange, yet fascinating look at the future as seen from the 1970s, made last year.
Oh, yes, and after lunch, I played Sims for half an hour. My first Sim was killed because he couldn't get out of the toilet at a Café - the saxophone player insisted on standing in the doorway playing.
Now I'm going to watch another episode of "Look Around You", and then I'll head off to bed, since tomorrow wants getting up early again.
All in all, not bad for a Wednesday.
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There's a small spider hanging above my desk, below the autographed picture of Sylvester McCoy, and I am debating with myself whether to leave it there or not. This makes me believe that I am a recovering arachnophobe, because just a few years ago, there would be no debate, the spider would have been smashed the instance I saw it.
Well. I think I'll leave it there, as long as it doesn't move, or crawl towards my keyboard.

I completely effed up my shoulders yesterday while mowing the lawn. We have this relatively ancient lawn mower, it's electric, but rather heavy, and since our garden has a more than slight slope to it, and the lawn is dotted with trees and shrubs and whatnot, you have to push and drag and carry the darn thing most of the time. And it was threatening to rain, so I hurried things more than I should have. Which is how my shoulders, especially the left one, got overstretched. I can lift the arm to shoulder height, but any higher, and it cramps and hurts. Which made sleeping last night an interesting experience.

Please, everyone who has sunshine in their area, please send some over for next week Sunday. Never mind the temperatures, but don't let it rain all through the steam train festival.

Other than that, I feel marvellous. And today is a free day, and it's raining so I have an excuse not to go outside, which means that the day will be spent either on the computer, working, or downstairs on the sofa, reading, or both. And there's a lentil roast in the oven for dinner. Yum.
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Some people are saying that all I use this journal for is for fussing and moaning. Not so! It's only easier to fuss and moan and complain, people always like to do that, share the fuss, so to speak.
I could now fuss about young Paris Hilton clones on the bus home, who like to show off their appendix scars to the whole wide world - I do believe the term "chav" might be applicable here. I could fuss about the fact that a book I had intended to study is missing twelve pages; they were cut out of the book. How someone can mutilate a book such is beyond me; how someone can be spiteful enough to take a chapter away from the rest of the students dito.

However, I shall fuss about none of these things; rather, I will tell you that I did get to sleep last night after all, even if it took me some time; that I then had a very strange dream involving green goo taking over people and the crew of the Firefly (or is it Serenity?); that it is a wonderfully perfect weather outside, even though I just heard thunder and it's starting to rain; that I am getting things done again after a weekend's rest which did me a world of good; that I managed to return books without having to pay a fee; and that I met with my PhD Prof and talked to her for about an hour, with promises that will be kept in two weeks, fingers crossed.

If this day is an indication of the oncoming week, then bring it on!
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Temperatures in the low- and mid-20s, occasional rain, the weeds are growing, the apples on one of our four trees are almost ripe, and my brain has reached it's optimal working temperature once more. It is bliss to be able to think again. Now that's what I call a pleasant summer.

I've decided to go ahead and create an amazon.co.uk wish list for myself, just so I know what I can spend money on, should I have any. Lots of PhD resource material in there, too.

Today, I am going to conquer Australia and it's literature. There's not much time left, and I'd better get there soon.

I feel a game such as the ego-shooter Halflife is much less dangerous (at least to me) than the Sims. Halflife never felt as real, for want of a better word, than the Sims. I've caught myself thinking in Sim terms about going to the kitchen to get something to eat, or pet the cat, or read - I even half-expected to have a funny little diamond above my head. Disassociation, much?

Still listening to the BBC Proms, marvellous stuff there. Poulenc's Gloria and Bernstein's Chichester Psalms yesterday, and there will be Shostakovich tonight. Oh yes.
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Every once in a while, everyone should have a deconstructivistic margerita (and believe me, that's easier spelled than said) or two, or three.
Sometimes, it's much more fun to go by bus than by car. I should do this more often.
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My brain is slowly melting into a puddle of neurons and goo. I never realized how preciously refreshing a bowl of cold water can be when the feet get plunged into it. Let there be autumn.

Mum's got a mobile now; dad bought her one as she'll be driving to my grandmother for two weeks on Saturday, something she's been planning to do since May or so. Her car doesn't have air conditioning (is it called air conditioning when it's inside a car?).
I wish I could go with her, but I've got things to do here and no valid ID card. One of the things I need to do is get a new ID card, obviously.

I don't know why people would go to southern Spain at the moment. It's summery enough here, isn't it? But then, I suppose here we don't have air conditioning and waiters who bring us chilled drinks to the poolside. I could do with a chilled drink and a waiter myself.

And finally, from the people who brought you "We love the moon", here's Looking for my Leopard.
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I never realized how differently knitting is done in the US until I discovered Youtube.
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Back from the seminar, and a good one it was, too. The usual bell curve, though most could not only follow what I was saying, but actually went one or two steps ahead. That's what one likes in one's students. It was rather hot in class, though, and my throat hurts from the talking. But hey, it was fun!

England. Sorry, guys. :(

Now, for frozen cherries, what a treat, and that meme of yesterday night. After which, some old-school who. I'm in a Pertwee mood.


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