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Winter is icummen in,
Lhude sing Goddamm,
Raineth drop and staineth slop,
and how the wind doth ramm,
       Sing: Goddamm.
Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us,
An ague hath my ham.
Freezeth river, turneth liver,
       Damn you, sing: Goddamm.
Goddamm, Goddamm, 'tis why I am, Goddamm,
       So 'gainst the winter's balm.
Sing goddamm, damm, sing Goddamm,

Sing goddamm, sing goddamm, DAMM.

                    -Ezra Pound
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Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable.
What might have been is an abstraction
Remaining a perpetual possibility
Only in a world of speculation.
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.
Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden. My words echo
Thus, in your mind.
                But to what purpose
Disturbing the dust on a bowl of rose-leaves
I do not know.

Being the first stanza of "Burnt Norton" by T.S. Eliot.
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Today is the first day in ages when it's sunny and not raining. It is a Friday, however, which means that I'm sitting indoors, at work. At least there's T.S.Eliot to keep me company, and quite amusing and edifying company at the moment, I must say.

Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity,
He's broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity.

I still have sore muscles in my legs, which sadly isn't because I've been excercising in any way, but probably because I've had to wrap myself around a cat in the bed for the past week. He insists on curling up in the crook of my knees in the evening, and just grows in length and witdh during the night so I end up hanging halfway out of bed by morning. And of course it is impossible to ask a cuddly, purring cat not to lie in your bed at night, warming your feet.

And indeed there will be time
To wonder, "Do I dare?" and, "Do I dare?"

I dared last night, and dyed my hair again; it's now a nice reddish mahagonny. I just wish the colour hadn't dyed my scalp as well, it looks weirdly spotted. But I guess that will come off in a few days, as will the smell of chemicals.

The single Rose
Is now the Garden
Where all loves end

The roses would need a few days of warmth and sunshine as much as myself. The peonies, however, are again in their striking bloom, red and white and pink and so heavy with flowers that they bend to the ground. I picked two flowers today and brought them with me to work; if I can't be outside, I'll bring outside inside with me.


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