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Here, for your enjoyment, pictures and descriptions of our cookies.
All's behind the cut for people who are on a diet. Warning: contains picture. )

Should you be in the vicinity, drop by and have a taste. :)

Oh, and mum's still in the kitchen, baking a poppyseed cake and an apple strudel. *shrugs*
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Flower Rock
Got a couple of them done and uploaded onto Flickr.

Some were inspired by stories on [livejournal.com profile] deathless_pose, some are random collections. Or maybe not.
This is certainly something I'd like to do more of; it's a fascinating way of making images, and it's a lot of fun to play around with different objects and ideas.

Is this digital photography? In a way, I'd say yes, but completely different. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, feel free to take a look.
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I read the news today, oh boy; there were no holes anywhere, but there was a picture in an article that made me queasy.
It has nothing to do with football, and everything with German grammar. Here's the article, and this is the picture.

... can you see it?
It makes me shiver. Am I completely wrong to feel this way, is there a new rule about this?
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friends shaking hands

friends shaking hands,
originally uploaded by tysolna.

When I first got my digital camera, I made a lot of pictures, most of them rather, shall we say, experimental. Ok, let's call a spade a spade - they were crappy, and not really meant to be good; I was simply messing around with the camera. Don't we all?
Anyway, I rarely deleted pictures; after all, bytes don't cost money. And when I was asked to contribute to an "art contest" in an online community I frequent, I was only happy to do so. I sent in the picture you see here, which I actually quite like, not least of all because I know the owners of the hands.
And it won.
I have no idea why.
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A cup of tea, a bunch of flowers, and a book beside me in the living room.

symphony in blue and yellow )

Too bad I can't put the music that's playing in the background online; you'll just have to imagine it.


Mar. 7th, 2006 05:39 pm
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I'm a little teapot, hear me shout
here's my handle, here's my spout.

It is a meme if we all do it, isn't it? Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] dadi and [livejournal.com profile] idahoswede, here's my addition to the wonderful tea-meme.

I live in a country of mostly-coffee-drinkers, it seems. At least, I get the feeling when I check the local china shops and find mostly coffee pots and only the occasional teapot, which is then more often than not white with blue flowers. There's one shop here which specializes in high-quality high-priced things for the discerning customer - I mean, houseware, kitchenware, things used to decorate your house with, expensive toys, and the sort of knick-knacks you buy when you either collect them or have more money than you know what to do with or both. A sort of German nano-Harrods. Now there were teapots I could imagine buying! Such as a very nice Meissen set or two, and the Wedgewood they had wasn't bad either. One day, when I am rich and maybe famous, I shall go there and shop.

Luckily, there is eBay, and also shops here which specialize in tea and tea-making utensils, and I found nice things. Though I will hold off on buying them for the moment.
Meanwhile, I have appropriated my mum's old two-cup teapot, which was a present from me years ago when she complained that her colleagues at work were only ever drinking very strong coffee. She took it to work and was happy, so it was a good present. Since she's not working any more, the pot has been relaxing in a cupboard, but no longer!

Tea for Me )
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For [livejournal.com profile] athenais and everyone else who is interested in what the kitchen I am raving about actually looks like, a few pictures.
First, though, imagine a 13 year old, by now slightly off-white, not exactly expensive, chip-board with white plastic finish kitchen which was never supposed to last this long, where you had to be careful how far you'd open a drawer so it wouldn't come loose. And now, feast your eyes upon this!
warning: biggish images follow )

All the drawers are metal and run on metal rails, the door handles are heavy, the wood is massive, there's a plastic border around the sink area so that no water can run behind it, and the colour scheme is called "Mariposa".
The room itself hasn't become bigger, but it seems to be nevertheless. What more does a body need?

And now I'm off to watch the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics.
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It's almost worth getting up early for this. Oh, but it's cold!

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A very peaceful and bright Holiday,
and a Merry Christmas to all our viewers at home. ;-)

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For 40 kilometers around our city, the streets and motorways are gridlocked because of the snow and subsequent accidents, due to the electricity failures the trains aren't running correctly, trees are creaking and breaking under the weight of the snow, and there are funny noises coming from my roof and the windows.

But this white wet hazard has its beauty as well. Here are two pictures I took a few minutes ago standing outside our patio door, looking into the garden and freezing my nose off.

cut for image size )

How on earth I am going to be at the people's university tomorrow morning at nine to teach the HTML class I don't know.
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Just when I thought it was safe to update... LJ has a Halloween look. :-D

Right. What I really wanted to write about was that this is the weirdest end of October yet. It's sunny outside, and the leaves are turning colour, the mornings are cool and we just got the hour back we lost at the beginning of summer (which means I am now once more able to go to sleep before midnight and wake up before eight o'clock), yet the temperatures are far from autumnal. Summer just isn't letting go, we're getting temperatures up to 22 degrees celsius. Which led to a strange thing happening on Saturday: I was sitting in an outdoor cafe with a once-friend, now-aquaintance (long story), having a cool beverage, when suddenly there were strains of that song in the air: "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..." Argh!

Mom and I did some gardening over the weekend, mainly to clean up. As a reward, I got a bouquet of the last roses, which is now in my living room, and smells beautifully.

Golden October and Last Roses piccies )

On the downside, again one of the classes I give at the people's university (VHS) is not taking place due to too few participants. I think this will be the last time I offer these courses. I started doing them at the end of the last century (1997, to be exact), and I learned a lot through doing them, such as being able to step out in front of people and holding forth on a given subject, answering questions and teaching people. But planning these classes that don't take place, and having a schedule planned half a year in advance, just doesn't cut it for me at the moment. I need to concentrate on other things.

Y'all have a good Samhain now.
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I've had lunch in the University eating place today (Mensa? Canteen? Commons? Refectory? So many names for one and the same thing). I've not eaten there for a long time, but today I was there at the right time, and hungry, so I had half a plate of vegetarian Curry with lots of vegetables and Tofu (soy bean curd?).
I soon realized I probably have a food allergy, because I haven't felt this sick for exactly the same time that I haven't eaten at the Mensa. Whatever it is they put in their food, it disagrees vehemently with my stomach. So instead of the planned afternoon in the library, I was forced to head home a lot sooner than I had expected. It will be some time until I eat anything there again, with the possible exception of salads.

The cat's currently on my writing desk, hunting the mouse pointer and making a mess of my typing. I'm going to shoo him off by taking a picture, he doesn't really like the flash. And here's the culprit himself, taken two minutes ago at time of writing:

He's now lying on my bed, looking innocently asleep.

Work on the PhD is progressing, even though it is as usual not going as fast as I would like on the one hand, and on the other hand not going fast enough because I am always letting myself be distracted, or rather, distracting myself.

Finally, a strange thing happened to me last night. I was watching LotR:FotR again, first disc, with the commentary by the actors, and then the writing team, relaxing and doing my knitting, when all of a sudden I realized that I was actually fast asleep with my eyes open while still knitting. It is not the first time I have fallen asleep watching TV, but this time it felt as if most of my brain was asleep, while a tiny part was awake, keeping my eyes open and moving my hands, counting the rows so I could add stitches as required. Now, if I could only write in my sleep as well...
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Today, I wanted to do a long overdue update of my band's web site. We have new pictures, with the new guitarist, and I was looking forward to doing that. I received a floppy disk on which one or more pictures were supposed to reside. I was already wondering how a 300dpi image could fit on a floppy disk, but who knows what new zip program is available. So, I put the disk into the computer and look at it with the explorer.

Whoever wanted to copy the images onto the disk actually copied a link to the folder on his harddrive onto the disk.
Words fail me.

Anyway, since I don't have band images to put online, I'll use the time and give you three here. Two of them are graffiti, and the third...
But see for yourself. )
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In pictures, as in other things, I like both the big view and the details, each in it's own time. So, here's a big view of the street I live in, taken in the evening, hence the funky light, and a detail from the roof of one building in our city I like to visit a lot.

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