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Right. I give up. I need a House, MD icon.
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It's so stormy outside, the birds are flying backwards. Not intentionally, obviously, but they get blown past my window, pigeons and magpies and blackbirds, trying to fly one way and ending up going the other way.

Took me a year or thereabouts, but yesterday evening I finished watching the whole run of DS9. I had forgotten how much I like this series, which is probably my favourite Trek show (bar TOS, of course). I had also forgotten how sad the last episode is, all those endings, it's almost as bad as the end of LotR.

Mum just called me from the phone box outside my grandma's home, and I'm glad she did.
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I've just seen a trailer for the new Superman film "Superman Returns" (remind me again why I need to install iTunes when all I want is Quicktime?), and at the end you hear Jor-El's voice - this won't get a spoiler cut, because those who don't know who Jor-El and Kal-El are obviously don't care about Superman comic books - anyway, Jor-El says, "They can be a great people, if they wish to be. All they lack is a light to show the way. For this reason above all I sent them you, my only son." All this with very heroic music.

Good Grief! Since when is Jesus Superman's secret identity?

... and yes, I am probably going to watch it anyway. I grew up on DC Comics!


Jul. 10th, 2006 01:48 pm
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Digital camera = instant gratification.
Not knowing how to work said digital camera = instant frustration.

Now where did I put the manual...
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OK. I now have ICQ back (new number), I have MSN (finally), Yahoo (since I already had an ID there) and even AIM (shivers).
Want to talk? ;)

Ooooh, speaking of Yahoo - I can now use Flickr without worry!

Can you tell I'm excited by all this?
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It was almost sorted by the time I got home. All that was left was to input the right proxy server.

Finally we have arrived in the present - I've got DSL flat!
... I can finally stay online 'til the cows come home without worrying about the money. Or with having people try to call me and kick me offline while I'm downloading something. Those days are well and truly over!

Right, that took me what, two years? Three? Which means we'll have a satellite dish on our house in 2008. ;)

Nul Points

May. 20th, 2006 11:45 pm
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It's bloc bloody voting. What's the use in having the contest at all if the results are so foreseeable?
Oh, and I am not in the least surprised that Turkey gets 12 points from Germany.

But - Finland? THAT is surprising.
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Finland. Oh. My. Gods. It was sort of OK until the lead singer spread his wings...

I didn't know Shakira came from the Ukraine. Good performance though.

I find it curious that most contestants are singing in English, even though it's not their native language. Of course, the French sing in french, it's a good language to sing in.
And this entry once more makes me think that there's something wrong with either my ears or with the singers' in-ear monitoring, because many of them sing slightly - or in this case, mor than slightly - sharp, especially those who sing slower songs.

Croatia rawks! Though I don't know what this is about, it's sure fun to see.

Ireland. I expected either a folky thing or a classical Eurovision song, and got the latter. Where's my lighter...

I'm watching this over the Dutch channel, because the German one is unlistenable to - there's a horrible phase variance in the sound - and the Dutch guy just said something about Prozac-Pop. I agree with him.

Don't ask me what the entry from Turkey sounded like; I was watching the hot guys dancing.

Armenia - Euro-Pop, yes, but with definite home country flavour. Mmm, bondage choreography.

Yep, I voted. Now to wait and see who wins.

I'll stop spamming your f-list now. ;)
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Lithuania certainly gets MY vote - they know what it's all about! Brilliant!

UK. Girls in school uniforms. Hmmm...
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Latvia. I am impressed. Very brave, and they pulled it off.

Liked the Hardanger violins of Norway (I would), but the song itself isn't to my taste.

Lots of white-clad women dancing all over the place, regardless of the country.

Las Ketchup?!?

I don't think Germany has a chance, good though the song is.
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As if I care. The one medal that I cared about was the men's hockey one, and there we won only bronze. It's nice to have two countries to root for.

So, the XX. Olympic Winter Games are over. Now I can start listening to music again, since I don't want to have the TV on all the time.
This time round, I've watched more of the Olympic Games than ever before, which means, more than just the opening and closing ceremonies and whatever was in the news. How interests change; I was actually fascinated by the events I saw. Yes, even curling! The happyness and triumph on the Swedish women's faces was great to see. The American snowboarder and her last trick... Zhang skating on after her terrible fall... and those who dare compete on Skeleton!
This doesn't mean that I can remember all the people's names, of course, I am bad with names anyway.

The closing ceremony was in my opinion much better than the opening ceremony. It was very fitting to have the last medal presentation there, and even more fitting that gold went to an Italian.
There was better music (though I have yet to decide whether having a children's choir sing "Va, pensiero" is shiver-inducing or kitsch), incredible acrobatics, both on the trampoline and with the flying people, and what absolutely rocked were the tarot costumes, both the cards and the major arcana masks. Very Lewis Carrol.
Once during the ceremony, I went to the toilet. Guess what I missed! Yes, the guy who disturbed the proceedings. And of course, when they mentioned that later, I had no clue what they meant. My timing sucketh.

The only thing I wish the TV stations would finally do is use the two audio channels they have, have original sound and commentary on one channel, and original sound only on the other. Many times I've been watching some event and shouting "Shut up!" at the TV presenter.
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The old skills of playing records still exist in the back of my mind. How to keep the record playing correctly when there's a scratch that makes the needle jump, how to watch out for it settling down on the single, how to clean the record before playing it. It seems that since I grew up with this, I do it almost instinctively.

I never found out, and still don't know, why the titles of songs, when printed on records, Sometimes Have Each Word Beginning With A Cap Like This. Where does this convention come from? This is probably a very minor detail, but it's been puzzling me for a long time now. Which always makes minor details grow huge in our minds.

My vinyl collection leaves no doubt that my youth, the time before you start buying albums because singles are enough, was spent in the 1980s. Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw, Styx, Kim Wilde, Tears For Fears, Yazoo, and a handful of German bands of the NDW. By the way, I can still remember my first ever single, Dave Steward's It's My Party. (For those who are curious, my first ever LP was Art Garfunkel's 'Fate For Breakfast', because it had Bright Eyes on it. I still own it.)

My musical taste has definitely changed over the last twenty years. Twenty-four, to be exact, because it was in 1982 when Secret Service's Cry Softly came out. I can remember very well that the song moved me, that I thought it was a very good piece of music. I liked it enough to buy the single, which given that I was twelve meant saving pocket money. You can probably guess what comes next. Yeah. Today, upon re-listening to it with an ear accustomed to quite different things, and while the twelve-year-old within me can still remember what that song meant to her, I think it's crap. Simple, forseeable in what it does, uninspired, badly-mixed crap.
On the other hand, I Won't Let You Down by Ph.D. is still great.

I used to do a lot of mix tapes for friends in the days of vinyl and tape and beginning CDs. Even though it's done easier these days, what with friendly programs burning CDs, I haven't done them in a long time, and I don't know why.

Every time I click on the stop-button of the handy little free audio recorder I digitise things with, I expect to hear the sound of a tape stopping.
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This ties in with an earlier conversation I was having, as well as a post by [livejournal.com profile] ladyjillian; also, it is something that has been preying on my mind, and it concerns MTV.
No, not the question why a tv station the program of which consists mostly of talk shows, reality tv and adverts for mobile phone ringtones is called "music television", though that is something I've also asked myself a few times.
This time, though, it's a specific show I mean, MTV's "Made, which I don't so much watch as occasionally fall into when I'd much rather be asleep, or am taking a break and knitting.
For those who've never seen this show before, a short recap: teenagers who want to achieve something special or change their lives in some way write in to MTV, who then supply a coach or two, facilities etc, while following the teenager around with a camera. The special acievement can range from "I want to be a coast guard", "I want to become a model" to "I want to become better at school".

So far, so good.

Now, the last two episodes of this that I've seen were upsetting and worrying me. In one of them, there was this rather tomboyish teen who loved her books (fantasy, mostly), was very much into sports, had her own katana, and looked slightly like Harry Potter with the glasses and the hair. Anyway, she wanted to be Helen in the school's theatre production of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. So during this show, this geeky, yet confident and interesting teen learns to wear dresses and high heels and how to ask out boys, gets her face made up and her hairdo changed, in short, she is turned into a Woman. The acting classes she gets support this, since Helen has to be this very female, uh, female.
In the next episode, there's this guy, about the same age. He's not even geeky, just different - he likes to read poetry, is fencing, likes to wear highly colourful shoes and play RPGs. He actually described himself as a born-too-late romantic. His goal? To ask out a girl for the school dance. In order to achieve this, he gets turned into a run-of-the-mill, slightly macho, "cool", ideal college boy, in short, a Man.

And the only thing I can ask myself while I sit and watch this is: Why?
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From urbandictionary.com:
A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community.
Omg!! New Harry Potter book out!! Omg Squee squee! omg!!!

Like I said to [livejournal.com profile] spiralsheep the other day, nothing against a good squee. I've squee'd like a rabid fangirl myself, most recently over Steve Hackett and, yes, John Barrowman. However, I'm not that used anymore to overt, happy squeeing that young fangirls are so fond of, and particularly I am not used to that in connection to Doctor Who fandom.
The Who fans I've come to know are mostly mature - as long as no-one mentions the TVM - and like discussing things such as TV canon vs Virgin canon vs NA and EDA canon, and where Big Finish fits into all of this. Or at least, if they don't discuss this, they are at least knowledgeable about it to a certain degree.

Enter the young, impressionable, OMGtheyaresoHAWT fangirls.

Come on, think a few now, it's not like you've known Doctor Who all your life. No, I reply, but at least I know that, while Tennant may be cute, so is Davison, and while Eccleston may be all dark and mysterious, so was McCoy, and Ace could beat Rose with a baseball bat.

And like my knitting, I like to do my sqeeing in private.
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I think the best way to combat insomnia (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] seiraryu) is to get up early, and exhaust yourself swimming.

The loudness in a swimming pool is equivalent to the amount of schoolchildren present. It is fun though to watch them take pleasure in being noisy, as long as you can submerge yourself to shut them out.

It is time for change when even your dreams start repeating themselves, and you say to yourself in your dream, hang on, I've been here before.

No matter which kind of hair dye I use, the result always turns out a very slightly greenish strawberry red. I am dissatisfied with my hair.

I found the rainbow's end today, but the ATM machine was broken.

There is a record player standing on my desk next to me, and for the first time in years, maybe even decades, I can watch the record revolving. A soothing sight, unless one starts to think about the fact that while the whole record revolves at 33 1/3 RpM, the centre is actually going faster than the outside.

There is a job I am going to apply to. Cross fingers.
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Another great, long project is starting (like I don't have enough of them already). I finally managed to record records ("that vinyl stuff with two sides" for all you young'uns) onto my PC. The old computer wouldn't do it, and the laptop for some reason records everything a lot faster than it is (though not higher, as a musician would expect, but then, it's digital, not tape).
Anyway. I can now listen to my old vinyls over the PC speakers, and record many an old favourite that I haven't heard in ages to mp3. Hooray!
And why is this a great, long project?
Because I have something between 300 and 500 LPs.
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1. Last night, and for the first time since I saw the first handful of episodes of the second series of Enterprise, I watched Star Trek. Specifically, Deep Space 9, the first three episodes of it. I must say it has aged very well, and it's even better than I remember from 12 years ago. I think I'll watch on, I believe it gets even better once the Dominion is discovered.

2. There are people who consider it wrong to do homework on a Sunday. Not me. Since I was a little bored today, as well as having a surplus of energy, I tackled the task of finally getting a lot of stuff from under the roof (= my living room) into the cellar. Among the things I found were a calendar from 1989, which was my final half year at school, and my first half year at University. Ah, the meories.

3. Having energy to spare and a bored cat to entertain, I decided to continue moving stuff, this time from the kitchen. I think I already mentioned now and again that I am something of a pack rat: I simply hate to throw things away that might come in handy again, such as paper that's only been printed on from one side (great for notes and sketches), or plastic bags, which I use instead of bin bags. Over time, I "collected" a lot of these bags, and today, I sorted them a little, folding them so they don't take up as much space as when you simply crumple them up and throw them into the closet. I was already smiling to myself to see bags from shops which don't exist here any more, and a proliferation of the same British bags (Forbidden Planet, Books etc, and WHSmiths, mainly), when I saw a company name and location which made me stop in my tracks. It was a plastic bag from Gairloch, Scotland. Visited in, oh, 1990something.

Sometimes it's good not to throw everything away.
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Right, I thought, if you can get BBC television via satellite dishes in Germany, I'd better get myself a satellite dish. After all, how much can it be in terms of time and effort? Put dish on roof, stick cable through the wall, plug and watch. Sort of a christmas present to myself.
Sort of, yeah.

At the moment, I don't see it happening. Because:
- they might have to call a tiler for the roof tiles
- they will probably have to remove a bit of the panelling in my room, or at least drill a hole through it somewhere
- they'll need to pull a cable through an unused chimney, through my cellar and into dad's cellar to earth the dish
- in the cellar, we'll have to remove panelling in both rooms to get to the chimney and into the other cellar
- dad is at the moment building a model train in his cellar, a piece of which might have to be removed
- and finally, the weather has to be right, at least ten degrees above freezing, and dry for at least half a day!
Add to that the pay for materials and work hours, plus the fact that I am at the moment still suffering financially from the last visit to London, and I don't think I'll be watching the Christmas Invasion live in my living room.

Thinking it over, I need to find out when next my parents will be away for at least a week, that would remove part of the hassle, and since it won't be for a few months, I can save up until then. But still, David Tennant in Doctor Who... *sighs*
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This is strange. I'm listening to an mp3 I have had for ages, called Catch that Goblin, which I downloaded after a friend told me about it.
And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this mp3 acquired an extra minute, with extra music. I checked, it is the same file I downloaded three years ago.
How weird and strange is that.

And then, of course, there is something I could have told you without taking that quiz: )
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It has arrived.
Can't post more, off to watch telly. :-D


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