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Instead of rehearsals, four sevenths of our band went to the Christmas fair last night (Singer N. has gone home for the holidays, singer G. had to work, and bass player M. wanted an early night, understandably). We ate the usual hot, fatty and unhealthy food, and we drank mulled wine, although it wasn't that cold; traditions are traditions, after all.

Of course, we asked guitarist P. how things would work out as far as he and the band are concerned. He said he had come to the decision that he would play the gig on the 6th with us, and then leave the band. It's confirmed, then - we are going to start looking for a new guitarist as soon as possible. We did talk about his decision during the course of the evening, touching upon it every now and again like on a missing tooth. His decision appears to be final, but R. and I agree he may have second thoughts in half a year or so, by which time we hope he can find other people to play with, because after last week, coming back is not an option.
I have to say that although I am saddened that one of our founding members is leaving the band after decades, I know that the band will survive. Change is chance; but I am still worried about P,; he is not a happy man.

Apart from this issue, the evening out with the boys was a lot of fun, jokes and laughter. Christmas fair first, with mulled wine, hot mead, and Lumumba (do you guys have Lumumba? Hot chocolate with rum, topped with whipped cream), and then we retired into a little pub, where R. had Guinnes and whisky, the drivers had tea and coffee, and I had a Tequila Sunrise and a Kill Bill (the latter is lemon, tonic, grenadine and vodka). For some reason, the guys ordered this for me, and payed for it too, so I now owe a slight hangover to them.
There was this young black dog, according to his nametag he's called Sid, who apparently belonged to the barmaid. He kept jogging through the pub all happy and tail-wagging, and visited our table every once in a while, and even more so after T. broke down and fed him a de-salted cracker. I'm a cat person, really, but Sid won my heart with his soulful eyes. He's quite the clever dog, because as soon as he realized that here were people who might feed him, he hung around our table, putting his head on our knees, gave paw, and even stood up on his hind legs, expecting treats for tricks. A true performer who knows how to woo his audience. Maybe we should learn from him.
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Hey! Yes, I really do still exist; but what with great real-life interaction going on, I sort of didn't have the opportunity to write here.
So, here are a few random things while I catch up.

Where to begin...

We could've used this weather a week ago; it is warm, and not a cloud in the sky. Which is nice though if you want to spend the day in the garden, reading. Until the family next door has a get-together, and the kids train sport stacking in the garden. The sound of the plastic cups makes its way through the window at my desk, while I sit here remembering the past few days.

I always find that I pay more attention to my home town when I have a visitor to show stuff to. And I did want to show off my city - not that ladyjillian and I did much in the way of sightseeing; but we did spend some time at the site of a Roman / Germanic battlefield, walked through the streets here, had ice cream and beer, many fascinating discussions, and exchanges of viewpoints. There's a lot there to be mulled over.
It's too bad ladyjillian's camera appears to be lost. There were a couple of great photographs on there. But I am glad she arrived back home OK.

I'll spend the rest of today goofing off I think, lie in the sun, read, and eat the leftover basil cheese. Good way to take a breather before I plunge back into the adventurous life of a PhD student.

And finally, for the delight of my friend [livejournal.com profile] britishamerican, a cute pair of tits, and some perky boobies.
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It is incredible the amount of posts my LJ friends and the communities I am in generated during the three days I wasn't checking. I'm now at skip 200 and am finally seeing posts I have read before. Now, I am going forward in time again.

Email, though, is all spam.

Today was the day of the big local steam train festival (German site only), the one my dad organized on behalf of the city marketing people, and of course it started raining when we opened. At closing time, the sun poked out.
But it was quite the event nevertheless. I am looking forward to seeing what's in the newspapers tomorrow.

I'm also looking forward to Wednesday / Thursday, when the wonderful Lady Jillian will be back in my city, and there will be more time and less stress so we can sit down, talk, watch Doctor Who, and discuss time travel and a host of other things.

Oh, and the Lemslip Butter Cream is fantastic.
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I missed the third Anniversary of Alder Hill. It was eleven days ago.
We had such high hopes for that place. A fantasy community where we would lay the groundwork (and a fantastic groundwork it is, too!), and the community members would write the stories, flesh out the skeleton we created. We have a chatroom, and a forum, we have maps, and history, timelines, stunning artwork, stories, poetry, even music and the beginnings of languages. We wanted to create a place where a community-co-created fantasy world would grow and people could let out their creativity.

A year ago, I was ready to close down the place. We were committed, yes, but it didn't work the way we had expected, coming as we did from a thriving online community. And then, we kind of lost interest. I know I did. Why invest energy in something that doesn't give back? But I left it online, for some reason.

And some people have found it, and breathed life into the old thing.

Thanks, guys.
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Be good to yourself. Love, always.
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So, this guy I've known since he was in school - he's quite a bit younger than I am; we met via a circle of Star Trek fans - got married the other day. I saw the picture in the newspaper, he looks neat and proud and as happy as a groom should. This is so cool, I'm happy for him.

But boy, do I feel old now. :-D
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Remember the guy I was talking about roughly a month ago?
Definitely not interested.
*shrugs* Next!
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The remains of last night are cleaned and put away, and despite the sunshine and cool breeze, I'm tired. No wonder, I had my birthday party last night after all. More people in the house than could fit into my livingroom, food and drink a-plenty, laughter and fun. I think I need to invite people more often, it was a brilliant evening which went on well into the night.
Hey, want to see pictures? Someone forgot their camera here, and I was evil enough to use the USB port.

Have a look: )

Man, I had a good time. The guests seemed to, too, especially after I unpacked my presents, and especially after I unpacked the last one.
The band gave me two violin stands, one which looks like a miniature guitar stand and one which can be screwed onto any microphone stand and the violin hung into that. Perfect, since both in the rehearsal room and especially on stage, I never know where to put the violin when I'm not playing, and I will freely admit that I'm always afraid someone will step on it when it lies on the floor. Silly, I know, but I'm rather attached to my instrument. They also got me a CD voucher, which is good. Very good.
From the other group of friends I received a CD with Mahler's 7th symphony, which I heard for the first time in concert on Monday and quite liked, and am looking forward to give a close listening to. And then, something that has been haunting me for the past two years happened: they gave me this as a birthday present. What the hell are you supposed to say to that? Apart from "Thank you", of course, never let it be said that I am not polite, even though I added "... you bastards". I am sure that during the next few rehearsals, I'll hear someone (probably the bass player) hum to embarras me. Bass player also came up with rather creative names for the thing. I like bass player. But I like guitar player 2 more.
That was the only slightly annoying thing - I had hoped to be able to get him alone to ask him one or two questions, having got my nerves together and having drunk enough red wine to be able to blame alcohol in case things got embarrassing, but I didn't manage it. Yes, he went outside to smoke (an ex-smoker's home is usually a non-smoking home), but there was always company. And when he wanted to leave and another minute would have sufficed, the others decided to leave as well and suddenly, there were four more people. They couldn't know, of course. Now I have to be sober for the questions, dang it! :-D

Bottom line: Party = fun. Thanks guys and gals, and thanks Red for making me promise. :-)
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It has cooled down, the sky's cloudy, and there are thunderflies flying around my room - you know, these little fruitfly-like things that appear before a summer rain? But, alas, the only rain we had were about five drops. It has cooled down, at least.

I had wanted to go to a concert tonight, but I am afraid I'm too tired, having prepared a lot for tomorrow, when a birthday party will happen here. There's something to be said for the constand keeping of order, at least there's less to clean up when guests are due. So I'll just relax tonight with a glass of red wine and the Patrick Troughton "Doctor Who" episode "The Invasion", to celebrate the fact that the Cybermen will be back on TV screens tomorrow. What I've seen so far about tomorrow's episode makes me both like and hate them. I like them as a viewer, they look pretty fantastic when they move, and I hate them as a Who RPG leader who's been planning to have Earth invaded by cybermen for, oh, over a year now. It could be that I need to radically re-think my storyline.

I'm also pretty proud to have made a deadline. A year ago, our band's bass player has given me a CD for my birthday, with 14 tracks published between May 2004 and May 2005, but with no tracklist. My job was to make a tracklist by May 2006, and if I made it, he would get me a Genesis or Phil Collins CD / DVD of my choice. Considering that he loathes Genesis and Phil Collins with a passion, that's quite a sacrifice for him. Anyway, today I managed to track down the last song on the CD that I still had missing. Strangely enough, it was a song with German lyrics (a pitch black Goth song with howling wolves in the background; pretty cool!), and those with English and even French lyrics were easier to find.
Mission accomplished! Now all I have to do is convince him that I'd rather have a Steve Hackett DVD. I have a good argument for that: I have all the Genesis / Phil Collins stuff I'd ever want, and Steve Hackett used to be in Genesis, after all. ;)
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Spring has definitely sprung over here. The early birds are making quite a lot of noise, which should drive the early worms out of the earth. Spring flowers are blooming, even though it could be a little warmer. At night, the cats are serenading each other in the garden - well, they are screaming, anyway.

I'm slowly starting to get back into my daily routine: work a few hours early in the morning, lunch break, work a few hours in the afternoon, do fun stuff in the evenings. For a lazy sod like me, having an established routine and forcing myself to adhere to it is more or less the only way to get anything done.

distracted by fan fiction )

I sort of miss having someone around the place.

Yes, I'm still thinking of how to answer that question.
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Manchester United vs Arsenal.
Never thought I'd try to get the footie scores on my computer.

Getting ready to go to the airport (Bremen); personally, I'd like to be there a bit too early rather than too late. Not that I wouldn't mind for Red to stay here another week, but I guess he'd be in big trouble back in Blighty.

And it's starting to rain again, just when we're planning to go out. This has been a week for that. As long as we stayed inside, it was sunny; once we went out, it started raining.

Once again, I have the nagging feeling I've forgotten something.
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Yes, I know I haven't updated in the past few days, but then I could really not have told things better than [livejournal.com profile] manchester_red has, so check out his journal if you want to know what we've been doing.

A few interesting questions have been asked of me in the past few days, and I'll think them over before I answer them.

I've made new friends here as well these past days; welcome to my LJ! :)

Easter next week, as far as I can remember; I do hope that what I sent out will arrive in time.

A longer update will follow tomorrow, but most likely on Monday.
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Quite a busy morning here, after some sleeping in on my part - it's easy to want to sleep in when the cat's alternately clamouring to get out of the house or sleeping on your outstretched arms, I didn't realize he was that heavy.

Red, standing at my window, remarked that the postman was coming up the stairs with a package in his hands. "That'll be something for dad", I thought, since he's somewhat active on eBay. Imagine my surprise when it was addressed to me, and add to that surprise when I saw who it was from.

I got shoes from Maryland! *G* A shoebox, anyway, filled with many goodies and smelling very nicely. Yes, I love seafood, and will definitely try the recepies, while Red will have the crab nuts. The mug is utterly perfect! Thank you, Kim, and thank you Craig! *runs out of words and sends a ton of hugs*

... good thing I have your address... ;-)
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Someone fell for an Urban Legend: Bobby McFerrin is indeed alive and well. So there. Now he's dissapointed McFerrin's alive.

It's still raining. Figures: it's April, it's fair in my home town, my parents are on holiday and Red's here. Too many things for it not to be raining.

Tequila Sunrise last evening, together with friends and laughter. A good cocktail. Apparently, I made many unintentional innuendoes, as well as intentional ones. I still don't know what's so funny about global thermonuclear warfare. Or small people, for that matter.
No hangover today, though. Hooray!

Here comes the rain again. We should sell some of this weather to the UK.
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[livejournal.com profile] manchester_red's here! Picked him up from the airport last night, drove home, had a beer and pepper steak sandwich in a pub.
Now, the chilling has begun, because it's 10:30 Continental European time, and he's apparently still asleep. At least, there has been no sound or movement when I checked a couple of minutes ago.

I'm going to wake him at 2:30 at the latest, because we're going to pick up [livejournal.com profile] xhirra from work at 4, after which more chilling shall commence.

And when Red reads this, he'll probably kick my butt. But it'll be worth it!
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The thing about feeling light under Czech skies is that when I get back home, I feel like my head's stuck in a bell jar for a couple of days before I readjust to the slightly higher athmospheric pressure. This, of course, results in me not being completely awake during the day, not falling asleep lightly in the evening, and getting up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning. It's only an hour's change with summer time, but I feel as if I have jet lag.
Thanks to that, I had a day of rows yesterday, first with dad, then with mum, then with a good friend. Two of the three I was by now able to clear up, and all of them were down to misunderstandings, as per usual.

The good news is that my dad finally relented: We're going to get DSL in a couple of weeks and internet flatrate with that. No more counting the minutes crawling around the net for me, hooray! Now all I need is to get a new email addy and inform everyone.

The next good news is that [livejournal.com profile] manchester_red will be here in a mere three days. Which on the other hand means that I have only a mere three days to clean up my place and do some shopping.

I honestly couldn't give a monkey's about bird flu; what I do feel is a slight (ok, more than slight) tinge of Family Pride that my mum's cousin Milan Malena, whom I've known for years - and have seen slightly inebriated at more than one family gathering - he of the booming voice, many jokes, and who is national veterinary management director of the Czech Republic, is currently in the news a lot, both nationally and internationally, both print and TV, because the first case of bird flu has been found in the Czech Republic, near Hluboka nad Vltavou, where I have been driving past the day before yesterday. They have a pretty castle there, and a very nice restaurant. It is a weird feeling when people and places you've known all your life are suddenly in the news.
Even though I have to chuckle at the way Milan is holding his wineglass. God but that's so typical!
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Spring came to my place today, in the form of a beautiful daffodil-yellow and gilt Royal Albert bone china teacup. It now sits in my kitchen, awaiting to be filled with fresh, fragrant tea.

Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] idahoswede. *bows deeply and hugs*

... I'm at a loss for words here.

plus minus

Mar. 12th, 2006 05:51 pm
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On the negative side, I feel a bit sick today; my stomach's fed up and my head was hurting. I probably ate something which didn't agree with me at a friend's - our drummer's - birthday party yesterday, even though I was very careful which foodstuffs to choose. I'm guessing it was the one sausage (Wiener), which I can't always get away with at the best of times. I evaded all the sugar, even when temptation in the form of the host's wife shoved it right under my nose, but I did drink two glasses of red wine and one shot of whiskey - the host is a whiskey lover and collects medium rare vintages, and is very liberal with his hobby, letting friends taste them. I got home at two in the morning. All of this probably explains why I don't feel like cooking today and will live on bread and tea alone; this will also alleviate my bad conscience at having sinned yesterday.

On the plus side, I had a whale of a time yesterday. The band was there, sans singer, and the usual friendly bickering was much enhanced by the atmosphere. We occupied the living room, while most of the other guests were in the kitchen - it is strange how people gravitate towards the kitchen at parties. Sometimes, we were visited by other guests, who were occasionally looking at us strangely. Yep, we're the weird musicians, alright.

Also on the plus side, not feeling up to much today has resulted in me reading on in the Norton Anthology, specifically Gawain and the Green Knight, in a translation to modern English which nevertheless manages to capture the alliterations and rhythm of the original, as far as I could see. Beautiful, and very fascinating, both in how people and actions are described, but especially in light of how the perfection of nobility and honour was apparently valued higher than life itself. Although I am sure there are depths, allusions and cultural references hidden in there that my modern mind cannot see, so I won't judge what goes on within the work until I do more research in that area.

And finally on the plus side, it was a great day today weather-wise, sun shining and reflecting off a light dusting of snow, birds singing, very good to walk outside for a breath of fresh air, which always gets rid of a hangover headache.
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Happy New Year, everyone! May 2006 be the best year you've had so far.

I was at a nice little party last night, it felt really good and was fun, friends all around. Text messages were sent and exchanged with those not there, and this morning I found a message on my answering machine which made me both smile and sniffle a little.
Like last year, I walked home in the morning. It didn't rain any more, and the snow had melted earlier in the day, so it was actually quite warm. Got into bed at five o'clock, got up again at 12, and have lolled around the house ever since, watching TV (lots of Mozart) and fiddling around with LJ.

So I got myself a new layout, had a few hours of creativity messing around with it, and added the 100 user picture option to my account (when 15 pictures aren't enough...), and have now a hella lot of userpics. I also got myself a mood icon set, the Cybermat one, because I am such a geek, and proud of it.

Construction of a Dalek hat is underway, by the way.


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