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So I had this really cool dream last night about cybermen working in a gardening centre, under the supervision of Hogwarts teacher Sprout. I was one of the people who pretended to be cybermen in order no to be assimilated, which meant that my face had to be expressionless - something made difficult by someone trying to make me laugh all the time.
Anyway, the Tenth Doctor and Rose came to the rescue, only they needed the help of the Ninth Doctor (Whee! Two Doctors!) to make everything explode magnificently and de-cyberfy the cybermen. Just in time for me to catch the bus home, in fact.
After which the Ninth Doctor had a good long talk with the Tenth Doctor about his relationship with Rose, along the lines of, "Have you told her yet? So what are you waiting for, the end of the world?"
Alas, I can't tell you how it ended, because at about that time, my cat decided to do his daily "Let me out! Let me out!" - dance.
I'm dreaming of Doctor Who plot bunnies. Oh, dear...
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According to Outpost Gallifrey, I was born on the day the first episode of the Doctor Who serial "Inferno" aired for the first time. Which I think is rather neat, geek that I am.
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So for the 3rd of September, when the steam train festival my dad's organizing for the city marketing will happen, mum and I will be there, selling various souvenirs, literature and coffee and being a general info-point and resting place for dad and his helpers.
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I couldn't fall asleep last night; it was probably the third cup of coffe yesterday that did it. So I started doing the mental exercises that usually end up with me asleep. No, not counting sheep, but focussing on a story, or a particular train of thought, which usually distracts my brain long enough for my body to fall asleep; the brain then has no other choice but to follow.

Anyway, I don't know why, but last night I began constructing this Doctor Who fan video to the tune of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, beginning with a picture of the Sycorax obviously. The first verse was Tenth Doctor only, the second turned into a Brigadier story, the third verse was regeneration scenes and so on. By the time the line "I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me" showed me Colin Baker scenes, I was chuckling to myself.

I think I should get the video capture card out of the old computer and install it in this one. Might be fun to dabble with video cutting again.
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Thoughts on Fear Her, with spoilers for that, but without spoilers for the next episode, because I refuse to see the trailer. )

Ooh, Italy won! Gonna make myself some pasta tonight! :D
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New New Doctor - The Eccleston Run and the Tennant Run so far.
A comparison.

After I've seen the first couple of episodes of the Tenth Doctor, it occurred to me that there are parallels in topics and themes between these and the Ninth Doctor's episodes. These underlying themes are looked at from different perspectives in the episodes, and with different conclusions.
Note: I judge only by what I see on screen; no commentaries or other information has been used to deny or confirm this. Feel free to discuss. ;)

One: Rose / The Christmas Invasion
cut for length and for spoilers, yes, I'm looking at you, CT )
Next time: End of the World / New Earth
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This is the first time the new series has felt like Doctor Who to me, as opposed to A Science Fiction Series With Time Travel. Either I'm used to it now, or it's really starting to be Doctor Who.

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It has cooled down, the sky's cloudy, and there are thunderflies flying around my room - you know, these little fruitfly-like things that appear before a summer rain? But, alas, the only rain we had were about five drops. It has cooled down, at least.

I had wanted to go to a concert tonight, but I am afraid I'm too tired, having prepared a lot for tomorrow, when a birthday party will happen here. There's something to be said for the constand keeping of order, at least there's less to clean up when guests are due. So I'll just relax tonight with a glass of red wine and the Patrick Troughton "Doctor Who" episode "The Invasion", to celebrate the fact that the Cybermen will be back on TV screens tomorrow. What I've seen so far about tomorrow's episode makes me both like and hate them. I like them as a viewer, they look pretty fantastic when they move, and I hate them as a Who RPG leader who's been planning to have Earth invaded by cybermen for, oh, over a year now. It could be that I need to radically re-think my storyline.

I'm also pretty proud to have made a deadline. A year ago, our band's bass player has given me a CD for my birthday, with 14 tracks published between May 2004 and May 2005, but with no tracklist. My job was to make a tracklist by May 2006, and if I made it, he would get me a Genesis or Phil Collins CD / DVD of my choice. Considering that he loathes Genesis and Phil Collins with a passion, that's quite a sacrifice for him. Anyway, today I managed to track down the last song on the CD that I still had missing. Strangely enough, it was a song with German lyrics (a pitch black Goth song with howling wolves in the background; pretty cool!), and those with English and even French lyrics were easier to find.
Mission accomplished! Now all I have to do is convince him that I'd rather have a Steve Hackett DVD. I have a good argument for that: I have all the Genesis / Phil Collins stuff I'd ever want, and Steve Hackett used to be in Genesis, after all. ;)
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There's this discussion on the Doctor Who community to which I like to refer you to, but only if you know Doctor Who and are of an Adult (bordering on Gutter) mindset. No spoilers, but o! the imagination!
Though there is some in my opinion unneeded flaming later on. Happens everywhere I suppose...
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It's cold, it's overcast, and I have absolutely no desire to get ready to go to what will be hours of sound check before the gig tonight. In fact, I have absolutely no desire to play a gig tonight, especially knowing that we will all be at the end of our stamina after the third or fourth set, with one or two more to go, that our voices will be shot to hell, and that, since I will be driving, I won't even be able to drink. OK, so drinking is never a good idea when you need the fine motor control for playing the violin, granted, but still, it's the thought that counts.
I wonder if any of our fans that didn't show up on Thursday will be there tonight. One will probably be late because hey, it's a party, so we're going to need hours to get ready. I'll admit the end result is worth seeing, though.
Like Thursday, I don't really have pre-gig nerves; the butterflies in the stomach seem more like the ghosts of love, if you know what I mean - the nervous excitedness of fresh love, only with there being no "target", so I guess it's bloody hormones again. Unless it's a "something's coming"-feeling รก la "West Side Story".

Thanks to ... someone ... I was able to watch "Tooth & Claw" yesterday, while the rest of the Who-world was watching Sarah Jane and K9. I'm looking forward to seeing "School Reunion", and wondering if my theory about the thematic structure of Season 2 vs Season 1 is correct.

And finally, thanks Red for the Orbital CD. Fantastic!
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You see, if you take any progressive series, it can be converted into binary notation. If you take the sum of the integrates and express the result as a power series, then the interces show the basic binary blocks, only I wouldn't do it if I were you.

... because I felt like it. Bonus points for recognizing where it's from.
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From urbandictionary.com:
A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community.
Omg!! New Harry Potter book out!! Omg Squee squee! omg!!!

Like I said to [livejournal.com profile] spiralsheep the other day, nothing against a good squee. I've squee'd like a rabid fangirl myself, most recently over Steve Hackett and, yes, John Barrowman. However, I'm not that used anymore to overt, happy squeeing that young fangirls are so fond of, and particularly I am not used to that in connection to Doctor Who fandom.
The Who fans I've come to know are mostly mature - as long as no-one mentions the TVM - and like discussing things such as TV canon vs Virgin canon vs NA and EDA canon, and where Big Finish fits into all of this. Or at least, if they don't discuss this, they are at least knowledgeable about it to a certain degree.

Enter the young, impressionable, OMGtheyaresoHAWT fangirls.

Come on, think a few now, it's not like you've known Doctor Who all your life. No, I reply, but at least I know that, while Tennant may be cute, so is Davison, and while Eccleston may be all dark and mysterious, so was McCoy, and Ace could beat Rose with a baseball bat.

And like my knitting, I like to do my sqeeing in private.
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I can't wipe the grin off my face, because I am having a late Christmas. The mail arrived intact, and it is watchable. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] ladyjillian, I owe you!

*bounces off to watch The Christmas Invasion*

Edit: It was well worth the wait - fantastic!
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Happy New Year, everyone! May 2006 be the best year you've had so far.

I was at a nice little party last night, it felt really good and was fun, friends all around. Text messages were sent and exchanged with those not there, and this morning I found a message on my answering machine which made me both smile and sniffle a little.
Like last year, I walked home in the morning. It didn't rain any more, and the snow had melted earlier in the day, so it was actually quite warm. Got into bed at five o'clock, got up again at 12, and have lolled around the house ever since, watching TV (lots of Mozart) and fiddling around with LJ.

So I got myself a new layout, had a few hours of creativity messing around with it, and added the 100 user picture option to my account (when 15 pictures aren't enough...), and have now a hella lot of userpics. I also got myself a mood icon set, the Cybermat one, because I am such a geek, and proud of it.

Construction of a Dalek hat is underway, by the way.
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It has arrived.
Can't post more, off to watch telly. :-D
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I just received the mail telling me my order has been dispached and should arrive no later than next Thursday, probably sooner. Yay! :-D
Oh yeah, and the package will also contain the City of Death DVD. *G*
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I do love amazon.co.uk - cheaper than amazon.de, among other things. Now all I have to do is wait until ... Friday, in all probability. Oh, that will be a lovely weekend.


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