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The annoying thing about a library book is when someone else has left their mark upon it. Underscores, notes, annotations. In pencil - sensible, but then why not erase them before bringing the book back? - in felt tip, or even with yellow marker. And don't get me started on people who tear out whole chapters. Defacing books is never a good idea.

Although I admit I did find a funny thing the other day which was apparently a discussion between at least four people who, one after the other, had borrowed the book... but I digress.

What feels even worse is when people pencil in translations. These are English books, and I know the courses taught with them, and yes, they are English spoken. You need a translation for a word, fair enough. Heck, I do too, sometimes. But why would you pencil in a translation into a book that will not stay in your possession? Where's the logic in that?

Long story short - get thee a dictionary; make notes on seperate pieces of paper. If you want to study English Lit, learn the language. That will be one of the first things I will tell my students, when the time comes.


Sep. 25th, 2006 06:11 pm
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Right. I just sent off the first of two applications for the Cardiff jobs.

Now I feel sick.
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Downloaded all the relevant application packs and printed them.
Mailed my Prof for support and reference.
Am thinking of who else to ask to be a referee.
Mailed Cardiff University to politely ask if they consider applicants from Germany.
Am ing scared.

Edit: Got a reply back from Cardiff University. Yes, the post is open to applicants from all countries. Yay!
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There are various Lecturer in English Literature posts open at the University of Cardiff.

Do you think I should apply, even though I haven't finished my PhD yet, am from Germany, and don't speak Welsh?


Aug. 10th, 2006 03:38 pm
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So, I've been to see the person who's responsible for / knowledgeable about scholarships and sending people to other countries for their studies, and although my hopes weren't too high to begin with, they are now more or less dashed. I'm about eight years too old for most of the scholarships they give out, and said person sees a less than good chance for me to get anything at all.

I'm guessing that this means working in the UK after all. I'm also guessing that no-one there is waiting with open arms for me to show up and ask for a job.

This is all so frustrating; knowing exactly what you want to do for a change and not being able to do it, and being too old for the rest.
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I feel good (deedledeedledeedledeet)
I knew that I would (deedledeedledeedledeet)
I feel good (deedledeedledeedledeet)
I knew that I would now (deedledeedledeedledeet)
So good (bap bap) so good (bap)
'cause I got...

.. what? Good question. Tangibles, please! *ponders*

I got my job application back with a "Thanks but no thanks". I'm going to pretend I was rejected on account of being over-qualified. Shame, I could've used the money. No matter, I'll have a look at temp jobs tomorrow.

I have a five-string banjo here that's looking for a new owner. Just one more thing I want to get rid of. Simplify, simplify, less stuff, more space.

The puzzle mind map on my study wall is slowly filling up with notes and ideas. I still have the feeling that I'm taking two steps forward, one step back, but slow as it is, it is a movement towards my goal.

I just saw something on tv (arte, again) about what makes people creative, geniuses or savants. If what they say is true, I could do with more dopamine in my life. Dopamine is apparently also produced / released by activity. I'm going swimming tomorrow.

Since my "Ahì me"-post last week, I've finished three books, and browsed / speed read three more. I'm also kicking my body into gear, since a tired body makes for a good night's sleep.

It's getting cold and snowy again. Why, oh why?

I am convinced that poultry will be cheap in the oncoming weeks (before it gets really expensive); I'm glad I have a freezer now, I'll stock up a little.

It's confirmed: My band's got a gig on April 27th, this time in our home town. All the better to really suck in front of people who know us.

And finally, I am surprised what kind of music people choose for figure skating. I'm also surprised at some versions of classical pieces I heard recently, also at figure skating. And I wonder how many people go into record shops these days, trying to find out and thereby trying the patience of the salespeople with queries for "the music that played when such-and-such skated, you know?"
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So I've been googling for creative academic outlets, and got a few results, but they were all calls for papers from one to five years ago. It seems I need to snowball-search in this instance, or even paper-search, to find the places that would be interested in academic essays on science fiction.
(Edit: I was brilliant enough to add "2006" to my search, and that helped a little.)
I do have a couple of other topics in the back of my mind for publication, and I need to get them on paper, because frankly, every time I search for my dream job, they ask for a record of one's publications, and I don't think student newspapers count, even if I was chief editor for quite some time. In fact, I think I was the only chief editor that paper ever had, but that still won't help me much now.
But the main thing is to get the proverbial foot into Academia's door. Now to see what I can add to it.
Here's to the future.


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