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Still alive. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Been to the Czech Republic recently, for my cousin's 50th birthday party. Met the family again - there is nothing like family. Had lots of fun, did a lot of dancing, eating, drinking and reminiscing, sad to leave again. Need to get there more often. Dad got plastered - I wish he'd be able to relax himself without resorting to alcohol, but by that time I had had a drink or two myself and found it refreshing and funny.

It's kind of summer. My allotment is unsatisfactory - it was too wet and cold for too long, and though some things I've plated have grown, the combination of a plot that's been vacant for long and me just starting out in the art of gardening, plus being laid low for weeks being barely able to walk but not kneel down result in a green space with little food value. But it's me being out in the fresh air so that's good.

While hanging up the washing outside just now, I saw a dead mouse (we do have a lot of cats in the area). My first thought was, “Poor mouse”, my second, “What a waste if they haven’t eaten it”, and the third, “I wonder if I can remove the head, get out the skull and use it in a jewelry project”.


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