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Here we go, then!

  • United Kingdom - OK, let's get the Hump over with. What can I say, the man's a professional, sounds good (except for the vibrato at the end), the song's good, and might even have a chance. It would definitely have had one, oh, 15, 20 years ago.
  • Hungary - This one is starting to grow on me. Still missing a huge keyboard solo.
  • Albania - Oh it's the Time Lady again. She's singing beautifully, very intense... but she was better in the semis.
  • Lithuania - I still like that guy and the song. "A young John Barrowman", says Graham Norton, and he's not far off.
  • Bosnia & Herzegowina - The Shoulderpad Singer. I could have done without the flute solo, but a nice ballad all the same.
  • Russia - The Grannies Strike Back! The beginning is better than in the semis, they caught the rhythm. As for the main part of the song... I hope they collect enough money for their church.
  • Iceland - Again, the folk elements and the interplay of the vocals, nice.
  • Cyprus - As Graham Norton said, "Maybe they're dancing on the end of education."
  • France - Someone I actually haven't heard before. And haven't after the song either. There was a song? All I could see were half-naked athletes... (seriously, though, good background music for that choreography)
  • Italy - Amy Winehouse re-incarnated? A good song, but her voice is a bit too tame.
  • Estonia - Oh man, yes. I was looking forward to seeing this again. A really effective ballad.
  • Norway - For some reason, I am thinking of Glee. I wish he was a little more in tune though.
  • Azerbaijan - Sorry, doesn't do anything for me.
  • Romania - Because Eurovision doesn't start until you see a moonwalking bagpipe player. Otherwise meh.
  • Denmark - I still like the New 4 Non Blondes. I get the feeling that they are actually a band.
  • Greece - Still don't like it. Sorry, Greece.
  • Sweden - Oh it's MiniKateBush. Yeah, I like her! Go Sweden!
  • Turkey - Looking forward to it for the dancers, I will have to admit.
  • Spain - What a beautiful ballad!
  • Germany - Sorry, chaps. Nothing to write home about.
  • Malta - Like the song, love the foot dance.
  • Macedonia - Aw yeah! I like the bit when the drum starts, I just wish they kept it like that instead of going to a more usual pop-rhythm.
  • Ireland - Why. Why. Why. And costumes.
  • Serbia - A folky ballad with two violins. What can I say, I have buttons.
  • Ukraine - The trumpet sounds... not nice.
  • Moldova - This trumpet makes you my girl. Love it! Loved it the first time 'round, love it now.

    I'm actually surprised how many violins I've seen on stage this year.
    I love the fact that Mark Gatiss was live-tweeting the Eurovision.
    Now, I shall retire until the results. :-D


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