May. 26th, 2012

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Catching up on what the Eurovision is doing these days. It has become a tradition of sorts after all. Two semi-finals to watch, and then the actual Eurovision tonight. Coffee's ready! NB: All opinions are mine, no offense intended.

  • Montenegro - Rambo Amadeus? Uh, no thanks.
  • Iceland - Nice beginning, love the violin (of course), could be more like Garmarna for my taste.
  • Greece - A little like a Greek Shakira. I could make a quip about the Greek financial situation and how the money obviously wasn't enough to buy decent costumes. Good thing the BBC commenters did that for me. Interesting to see a second singer standing still at the microphone in the semi-dark on the other side of the stage.
  • Latvia - Another song commenting on the Eurovision. How tall is that woman? The song itself is not very memorable I'm afraid.
  • Albania - She looks like a Time Lady, but she can sing! I am impressed. Bet she won't make it into the final.
  • Romania - Another Shakira. This one's a little flat I think. Nice choreography.
  • Switzerland - Hola! Not bad, not bad at all. Rock! And the lady bassist, very cool. This is a band I hope has success on it's own, because again I am sure they won't be in the finals.
  • Belgium - Nice enough, her voice is a little breathy for my tastes. She wouldn't make it into third round on The Voice UK.
  • Finland - I like it! This one I can imagine having on my playlist. Three-quarter time, a cello, a good voice and melancholy-happy melody, pushes buttons. Nice!
  • Israel - I'm wondering which decade I'm in, late 1970s probably, but why not? Kind of cool.
  • San Marino - Social Network Song? Cute idea. I seem to have heard the melody before though, it'll come to me eventually. Something from the 1960s.
  • Cyprus - Books and dancing librarians. Another Shakira-clone. Europop. Forgettable.
  • Denmark - Yep, that one I like, too. The band is cool in a slightly retro way (a little 4 Non Blondes), and the song could be played on any radio station I know.
  • Russia - Words fail me. But I LOVE IT!!! Eurovision needs more grannies. I wonder what's in those cookies.
  • Hungary - It kind of washed over me without making an impression. Maybe I'm still overwhelmed by the grannies.
  • Austria - That's a Summer song right there. Kind of fun (though I have no idea what they're actually rapping. What's noodle soup doing in a song about shaking your butt?)
  • Moldova - Pretty but unfortunate dresses for the dancers. The singer I wouldn't push off my bed. Trumpet, eh? I kinda like the song too.
  • Ireland - Oh god please not Jedward again! As if there are no other musicians in Ireland. Please. And those costumes? The song is forgettable. As expected.

I would have liked to see Finland and Israel in the finals, myself.
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Here we go again, the second semi-final!
Again, I'll italic those who actually get into the final.

  • Serbia - Sounds good, this. A love song, ok, but with folk-like influences, which I always like. In fact, that song could have been longer, I missed an instrumental bit.
  • Macedonia - First song I'm actually going "wow" at. She can definitely sing, and I like the arrangement. This would have my vote, if I had a vote to give.
  • The Netherlands - A young Cher in a huge Native American headdress and more than a little sharp, painfully so, with a slightly Country & Western thing. Early 1980s, they would have had a chance, but today?
  • Malta - Solid performance, happy pop, can't find fault with it for what it is.
  • Belarus - The song doesn't keep the promise the outfits and mike stands make. Run-of-the-mill pop which could come from any country at all.
  • Portugal - A "classic" kind of Eurovision song. I'd be surprised if it made it into the finals.
  • Ukraine - What I like most about this are the peonies in the singer's hair. Very dancefloor-poppy.
  • Bulgaria - A spiced-up Space:1999 uniform costume, a good voice, and this actually sounds, how shall I put it, regional? And at least they don't pretend to have a band on stage.
  • Slovenia - I see they raided a bridalwear shop for the costumes. The song's corny, but for some reason, I find I quite like it. 's good.
  • Kroatia - Again, not bad, but as well as she sings and as cool men in black skirts are, I don't think I'd be able to recognise it if I were to hear it again.
  • Sweden - She does remind me of a young Kate Bush, if a young Kate Bush were to sing early 2000 technopop. On the other hand, I can imagine her winning. She's good.
  • Georgia - Alright! Not only can that guy sing, but this is the first song that's actually made me smile. I want to see this again!
  • Turkey - I usually like what Turkey sends to Eurovision, and with the exception of the singer, this holds true this time as well. Music's good, dancers are good (oh yes), but the singer's just too, well, young - this needs a stronger voice.
  • Estonia - Quite beautiful, actually...
  • Slovakia - They have zero chance of winning, but for me right now, it's a breath of fresh air. Rock on! (For some reason I want to hear some Faith No More right now...)
  • Norway - Kind of cool. Could see this playing in a disco somewhere, wants me have a nice cold drink. Sounds very Eastern for some reason. This is Norway?
  • Bosnia & Herzegowina - Good voice, pleasant song. Make this the soundtrack of a romantic movie, and it's a hit.
  • Lithuania - Lithuanian Michael Jackson? But he is good - he can sing, he can dance, he's got cheekbones. I'd like to hear him with a different song.

    Right, so much for the semis. Tonight, the final!
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Here we go, then!

  • United Kingdom - OK, let's get the Hump over with. What can I say, the man's a professional, sounds good (except for the vibrato at the end), the song's good, and might even have a chance. It would definitely have had one, oh, 15, 20 years ago.
  • Hungary - This one is starting to grow on me. Still missing a huge keyboard solo.
  • Albania - Oh it's the Time Lady again. She's singing beautifully, very intense... but she was better in the semis.
  • Lithuania - I still like that guy and the song. "A young John Barrowman", says Graham Norton, and he's not far off.
  • Bosnia & Herzegowina - The Shoulderpad Singer. I could have done without the flute solo, but a nice ballad all the same.
  • Russia - The Grannies Strike Back! The beginning is better than in the semis, they caught the rhythm. As for the main part of the song... I hope they collect enough money for their church.
  • Iceland - Again, the folk elements and the interplay of the vocals, nice.
  • Cyprus - As Graham Norton said, "Maybe they're dancing on the end of education."
  • France - Someone I actually haven't heard before. And haven't after the song either. There was a song? All I could see were half-naked athletes... (seriously, though, good background music for that choreography)
  • Italy - Amy Winehouse re-incarnated? A good song, but her voice is a bit too tame.
  • Estonia - Oh man, yes. I was looking forward to seeing this again. A really effective ballad.
  • Norway - For some reason, I am thinking of Glee. I wish he was a little more in tune though.
  • Azerbaijan - Sorry, doesn't do anything for me.
  • Romania - Because Eurovision doesn't start until you see a moonwalking bagpipe player. Otherwise meh.
  • Denmark - I still like the New 4 Non Blondes. I get the feeling that they are actually a band.
  • Greece - Still don't like it. Sorry, Greece.
  • Sweden - Oh it's MiniKateBush. Yeah, I like her! Go Sweden!
  • Turkey - Looking forward to it for the dancers, I will have to admit.
  • Spain - What a beautiful ballad!
  • Germany - Sorry, chaps. Nothing to write home about.
  • Malta - Like the song, love the foot dance.
  • Macedonia - Aw yeah! I like the bit when the drum starts, I just wish they kept it like that instead of going to a more usual pop-rhythm.
  • Ireland - Why. Why. Why. And costumes.
  • Serbia - A folky ballad with two violins. What can I say, I have buttons.
  • Ukraine - The trumpet sounds... not nice.
  • Moldova - This trumpet makes you my girl. Love it! Loved it the first time 'round, love it now.

    I'm actually surprised how many violins I've seen on stage this year.
    I love the fact that Mark Gatiss was live-tweeting the Eurovision.
    Now, I shall retire until the results. :-D


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